German Memorabilia Auction: Also Guns, Swords, Knives

German Memorabilia, including WWII guns, swords, knives, cameras, binoculars, and field gear goes on the block on Sunday, May 22, 2016 at noon at the Showplace at Binghamton Plaza in Binghamton NY. Bob & Sallie Connelly will conduct the auction.

One-of-a-kind German Memorabilia Scrapbook

German Memorabilia: Souvenir Book of Berchtesgaden

One-of-a-kind German Memorabilia Scrapbook

The German Memorabilia auction includes a one of a kind scrap book presented to Lt. Col. George Henderson U.S. Army Commanding at Berchtesgaden, Germany in 1945. The scrap book was hand made by Herr Erhard Peltz, a member of Hitler’s house staff and Col. Henderson, a house servant. It features 39 original photos by Herr Peltz.

Adolf Hitler Propaganda Book

Other German Memorabilia include a 1936 Adolf Hitler Propaganda Book, recovered in 1945 from a bombed out house in Munich. It has over 200 photos by Hitler’s personal photographer Heinrich Hoffmann.  Also  at auction:  a Nazi SS stein engraved on top with the name R. Brendel.  Major Reinhard Brendel was an administrator at the Auschwitz-Birkenau Camp,  and was later captured by Russian soldiers and executed for war crimes in a Polish tribunal.

German and WWII Memorabilia, Guns, Helmets, Medals

Besides German Memorabilia, such as medals, awards, letters, etc. there are German and WWII guns, swords, knives, and field gear, such as helmets, binoculars and a footlocker. There are also coins, stamps and patches from the era. And a letter from General Henry (Hap) Arnold to Lt. General James H. (Jimmy) Doolittle, dated April 10, 1945. Other items include antique swords and knives, a large collection of German and other cameras, and tools. Even a A wooden block (a beam tie) from Hitler’s guest house at Obersalzberg, removed in 1988

Additional details, photos, and directions are available in the auction brochure (PDF: 278 KB) and in a slim version (71 KB) without photos.

The Auction Notice is also available.


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