The Gem Evaluation Lab on Long Island Now Buys Gold, Diamonds and Jewelry

The Gem Evaluation Lab in Uniondale, NY, which formerly specialized in gemological appraisals, has changed course and launched a new website to market its gold, diamond, jewelry, and gemstone buying and selling services.

Theresa Beltrani, GG, the President of Gem Evaluation Lab, says today’s jewelry buyer does their own gemological research online, shunning appraisal services. But on Long Island, where the economy is still soft after the Great Recession, everyone can use a little extra cash.  With gold, silver, platinum, jewelry, diamond and gemstone prices near record level highs, Gem Evaluation Lab can turn unwanted valuables into ready cash.

Ms. Beltrani says “It’s not just jewelry, and not just buying. We identify, evaluate and buy loose diamonds, coins, sterling silver flatware and serving pieces, precious metal trophies and medals, antiques and vintage jewelry.” The Lab buys individual pieces, sets, collections, even entire estates. They also broker and consult on sales.

Ms. Beltrani is an award-winning gemologist and appraiser with over 3 decades experience in the jewelry industry. A Graduate Gemologist (GG) and Past President of the Gemological Institute of America’s Long Island Chapter, she is also a Senior Member of the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers. Her Gem Evaluation Lab has a well-deserved reputation for expertise and integrity which, she says, she plans to maintain by providing sellers with accurate evaluations and fair pricing.

For more information about Theresa Beltrani and the Gem Evaluation Lab, please visit the website at or call the Lab at 516-222-1999.

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