Cheap Car Lifts Sold Right

Mid-America Shop Headquarters has partnered with WECO, Inc. to sell low-priced car and truck lifts from China with expert American installation and service.

Mid-America Shop Headquarters (M.A.S.H.) of Bradford, Arkansas has entered into an agreement with WECO, sell and service imported automotive lifts “the right way.” M.A.S.H. stocks a variety of popular lifts in the warehouse adjoining its retail outlet.  WECO, with locations in Bradford, AR, Little Rock, AR, and Memphis, TN, installs, inspects and services lifts within 225 miles of  Little  Rock.

M.A.S.H. is run by second-generation automotive equipment specialist Kristen Simpson, who says most of her competitors sell on price alone, using ““pop-up websites run by Internet techies with no automotive experience, no inventory, and no service network.” In contrast,  M.A.S.H. offers knowledgeable sales help, local inventory and reliable local installation.

Ms. Simpson says the market for budget-priced Chinese lifts is growing quickly.  It consists mostly of entry-level buyers who need expert advice, competent and safe installation, and often want immediate delivery or pick-up — services M.A.S.H. offers but the competition doesn’t.

M.A.S.H. sells not only car, truck, and motorcycle lifts, but also tire changers, wheel balancers and other garage equipment. Most of what it sells comes from China and is marketed here by Tuxedo Distributors. Simpson describes the Tuxedo products as “very good values.”  She says “The price is low, but the quality is not.”

“Ultimately,” says Gary Wainwright, who owns WECO, Inc, “a lift is only as good as the guy who installed it. We think lifts are like parachutes. There’s no room for error when you pack a parachute or install a lift.”

To learn more about M.A.S.H., please visit their website:  For information about WECO, please visit

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