Appraiser Timothy Griffith Takes up the Reins at Griffith Appraisals, Launches Website

Timothy Griffith has returned full-time to Griffith Appraisals, his Northern New Jersey firm of real estate appraisers, and has launched a website for its commercial, industrial and retail real property appraisal business.

 Timothy Griffith, the President of Griffith Appraisals, has recently stepped down after two terms as Northeast Regional Governor of the American Society of Appraisers (ASA), and has resumed day-to-day control of the company he founded. His website showcases Mr. Griffith’s credentials and the services his company provides.

Licensed as a commercial real estate appraiser — the highest certification — in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania, Mr. Griffith specializes in multiple parcels and complex portfolios of commercial, industrial and retail properties.  Headquartered in Secaucus, NJ,  his primary service area is focused on Hudson, Bergen, Passaic and Essex counties in Northern New Jersey.  His clients include major lending institutions, non-profit organizations, corporations, attorneys, private individuals, and estates.

An educator and author with broad interests and uncommon expertise, Mr. Griffith leads an appraisal team that offers USPAP-compliant appraisals for a variety of purposes. Griffith Appraisals provides real estate valuations for buying and selling, insuring, and financing properties, for right of way, condemnation and eminent domain proceedings, and also for gifting, settling estates, establishing trusts, resolving disputes, adjudicating insurance and tax (IRS) claims, relocating employees, grieving property taxes (tax certiorari), and for bankruptcies, foreclosures, dissolutions, and divorces. Griffith also offers Cost Segregation analyses.

The website provides useful information about appraisals, answering basic questions — What is an appraisal and do I need one? — and offering a comprehensive reading list of books and related websites.

You are invited to visit the website at and contact Mr. Griffith directly with questions about your own appraisal needs.

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