Time Traveler 1776: A Hands-On Revolutionary War Program for Schools, Groups

A new website, Time Traveler 1776, publicizes a unique historical program that makes the American Revolution come alive for school and community audiences.

Time Traveler LLC, the Herndon, VA historical consulting firm, has launched a website to showcase its program of hands-on Revolutionary War presentations created by founder Thomas A. Kuehhas for students, seniors, Veterans, and other community groups. The presentations, designed for classroom and meeting room audiences, feature museum-quality reproductions of the uniforms and equipment used by George Washington’s soldiers. Touching the military artifacts and trying on the uniforms creates immediacy; Tom’s probing questions and enthusiasm bring the experience to life.

Mr. Kuehhas is an accomplished Museum Director whom colleagues describe as a hands-on historian, fascinated by history and challenged to interpret it personally one class, one group, and one person at a time. He has published articles, been featured on A & E Network documentaries, and curated museum exhibitions — all on the Revolutionary War and Colonial times. Tom says "When I moved to Virginia, I decided to build a business around my interest in Revolutionary War history — ideal for Virginia! — and my aptitude for personal interpretation." The Time Traveler 1776 program for schools and other groups was the natural outcome.

Response to the program from students — "This stuff was so awesome!" — teachers, and general audiences has been strong and positive. Danielle Stockton of Washington Episcopal School in Bethesda, MD wrote: "Thomas Kuehhas’s Revolutionary War program was a terrific complement to our 4th grade social studies curriculum.  Students were able to experience history in an interactive way and learned a great deal ….  They would have loved to spend a whole day with Mr. Kuehhas!"

To learn more about the Time Traveler 1776 and Mr. Kuehhas and to schedule a program for your group or class, please visit the website at http://www.timetraveler1776.com or contact Tom directly during business hours at 703-435-1116 or 516-662-0033 or email him any time.

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